Bonnie Hansen

Art and fashion are my main passions and why I started in makeup. I didn’t think I was good enough to be an artist, just couldn’t get noses right, so painting faces in the literal sense was the next best thing. As I stated in a previous post, all the years of makeup really honed my creative skills and gave me confidence to start painting. And what else would I want to paint but beautiful women! It’s always been what’s inspired me to this day!

Bonnie Hansen is an Australian Photographer who recently moved from Melbourne to Sydney (damn it) because her career was taking off! Sadly I have never had the opportunity to work with Bonnie despite trying on a few occasions, our calendars never synced for it to happen. It was obviously a wise move because Hansen’s star just continues to rise!

Working in editorial, fashion and beauty, Hansen has an excellent eye. Her bubbly fun personality puts people at ease and she has compassion and empathy, wanting a better world for all of us. I know in my brief discussions with Hansen we have much in common regarding current issues including homelessness, equality and blak lives because they matter! We both have burning passions to try and right wrongs the best we can because it does start with us!

All photos by Bonnie Hansen Photography

Hansen’s work is true art. Her composition, the way she captures the light is just inspirational. I have a Bonnie Hansen file of all the photos that inspire me to paint – current total 124. She takes pictures like I want to paint – How I want to paint them! Wether it’s a close cropped beauty shot, face in full frame or an editorial by the pool or some other glamorous location, Hansen captures a mood or attitude perfectly.

Bonnie Hansen Photography
“Alibi” acrylic on canvas by Leesa Gray-Pitt

Hansen is such an inspiration and as relevant to my arts practice as my paints, brushes and music. On top of that she’s a damn nice chick which is why the sky’s the limit for her career which is great for me because while she keeps creating, I keep getting great fodder for my paintings!

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